Steam Machine Album


Steam Machine Album


Steam Machine finished recording their first collection of fiddle tunes and songs at Creation Audio in Minneapolis in fall 2017. Engineer Tom Herbers captured each instrument's sound on a 16 track tape machine through a collection of beautiful vintage microphones.

The album features our take on tunes from some of our favorite fiddlers (Lyman Enloe, Gene Goforth, and Ed Haley to name a few) as well as songs we picked up here and there from a variety of sources.

Minneapolis printmaker Marie Stier cut the cover print, and Dick and Jane’s Letterpress printed the jackets.

Track List:

1. Back in ‘89 (Lyman Enloe)
2. Paddy on the Turnpike (Gene Goforth)
3. Hard to Love (Carter and Young)
4. Molly’s Tune (Snake Chapman)
5. Birdie (Lyman Enloe)
6. Down the Road (Various)
7. Forked Deer (Ed Haley)
8. Soap Suds (Lyman Enloe)
9. Wild Bill Jones (Addie Graham/Rich Kirby)
10. Kitty Puss (Buddy Thomas)
11. Dink’s Dusty Miller (Gene Goforth)
12. This World Can’t Stand Long (various)
13. Knockin’ at your Door (Cyril Stinnett)
14. Farewell Waltz (Doc Roberts)
15. Do Not Wait Til I’m Laid Beneath the Clay (Kentucky Ramblers)
16. Chinese Breakdown (Ed Haley)

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