"Great music and great musicianship. Agile fiddling, hard-driving three finger banjo,
a rock-solid rhythm section..." 

Minnesota Bluegrass Magazine


"Every once in a while a new band emerges that catches my attention.
Not only their great name, but most of all their music which has the power and the glory of the old stuff, the stuff I love to listen to..."

Rafe Stefanini


New Album

Steam Machine's  first album is out May 5, 2018! Recorded on tape at Creation Audio in Minneapolis, MN live with no overdubs.  Available in hard copy and digital download. 

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Who We Are

AJ Srubas (fiddle), Aaron Tacke (banjo, vocals), and Rina Rossi (guitar, vocals) are old-time and early bluegrass fanatics who love to play and spread their excitement about this music wherever they can. As often as possible, they are joined by the multi-talented Nokosee Fields on bass. In addition to performing, all four enjoy teaching and leading workshops. 


“Sometimes it seems that there is a schism or divide between bluegrass and old-time string band music, and that most folks tend to play one style without giving any regard to the other. It wasn’t always like this, however; many a good fiddler back in the day just played whatever they considered to be a good tune and didn’t bother classifying it as old-time or bluegrass. They just played it. Steam Machine is hoping to blur those divisions a bit.” - Adam Kiesling